I can’t seem to keep still. Like a cat prowling the night, walking back and forth. Searching for a home where it can finally settle down.

I’m referring to my blogging. It seems lately I’ve been jumping around from site to site. Trying this. Trying that. I can’t seem to finally say goodbye to my first and original blog (in blogdrive) so I’m still keeping it. Although I feel I’ve outgrown it and thus, my quest for a new home for my blog. I guess the memories attached to it makes it hard to let go. Then I have my second blog (in multiply) which I use to post entries and photos that I’d like to control the privacy. Then last but not least (not counting my art and business blogs), this new blog that I signed up for in wordpress, of which I’m hoping will feel homey and cozy enough to become my new retreat in personal blogging.

Obviously, I’m still in a state of ambivalence.

And I’m always so restless with blog designs. I can never seem to be satisfied. Thus, my need to keep on re-designing either my blog headers or the layout or the color scheme. Too bad this free blog from wordpress isn’t as flexible as the one from blogdrive when it comes to customizing the design.


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5 responses to “Restless

  1. boonches

    Oh my goodness I am the same way. I am really only a personal blogger so i am all about the coziness. I think you seriously achieved it! Stick with this layout bc you have branded yourself quite nicely.

  2. same here. i am all over the web. šŸ˜€

  3. boonches, thanks! i’m glad you think my layout works. i never get satisfied. šŸ™‚

    light, i wonder if most bloggers are like us too, huh? jumping all over the web… hehe.

  4. hi! passed by on my way from sunchoke.. i can totally relate to this post. ^^ i guess most bloggers can anyway. my main blog is still the blogdrive one.. and i am forever changing it’s layout (and url, i also have accounts in multiply and blogcity..goes to show why i can relate to this post. ^^

  5. @jacq, so i guess it’s common for most bloggers to be all over the place, huh? i’m one who loves to keep on playing with designs and layouts as well when i have time. šŸ˜€

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