PhotoHunt : Wrinkled


Here comes Aladdin on his “wrinkled” elephant… 😀

I took this photo more than three years ago when we watched Disney on Ice (Disney Princess on Ice series). We all enjoyed that show especially my eldest daughter who was almost two years old then.

PH#4. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.


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10 responses to “PhotoHunt : Wrinkled

  1. That photo is so cool it almost looks to good to be just a photo! hehe

  2. Oh how cute!!! Great photo for this theme.
    Mine is up to…come take a peek.

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow what an amazing event! Great shot for today.

    My Photo Hunt is up, too! Please visit and leave your link. 🙂

  4. tnchick, thanks for the compliment! we have lots more similar photos taken during that show. i guess it helps to have a nice camera… sometimes it gives surprising results… 😀

    mrs. mecomber, thanks too! it was a great show for the family to enjoy! i also loved your mummy photos! 🙂

  5. kim

    Very cute, I know that my little one would love that show. Kim

  6. i’d love to see a “real wrinkled” elephant!! ^^

  7. What fun and perfect for the theme.

  8. I have seen two elephant photo’s on PH with both of them laying down. Now one in costume, lol. What an unusual collection.

    Good one for the theme. Wrinkled without a doubt.

    (thanks for stopping by for a visit earlier)

  9. Haha 🙂 That is perfect! I love Aladdin. I bet it was a great show 🙂

  10. kim, i’m sure she will enjoy that show. even i did.

    jacq, me too!

    carver, thanks!

    bakerwatson, haha. i guess elephants really equals wrinkled huh?

    sandy, it was a indeed a great show!


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