Table Delight: Garlic Shrimps

Having a cook at home, I really don’t do much cooking not unless I’m teaching her a new recipe or simply just because I feel like cooking (which is not often).

I don’t consider myself a really good cook, but I do know how. Hubby is a better (and should I say great) cook than me. He’s actually my mentor, and I’m ashamed to say I only learned to cook real viands when I got married. Growing up and living with my parents, we had a cook at home, so my siblings and I were not really expected to do any cooking chores then.

Since I learned to bake before learning to cook (because of my mother who used to bake cakes and pastries for business), I got used to following certain steps and fixed measurements from a recipe.

This one, though, was made from intuit and tips from hubby, not from any recipe. I usually do the cooking for this dish since I hate it when the shrimps are overcooked.

I prefer to use butter and olive oil than ordinary cooking oil to saute the garlic, and I like to use lots and lots of garlic (not obvious in the photo though). I love garlic, and the smell while it’s being sauteed. Oooh, I just love butter-garlic cuisines.

This is actually a very simple recipe and easy to cook. The secret lies in the garlic and not overcooking the shrimps. Some people don’t know that shrimps are not supposed to be cooked too long so that the skin does not stick to the meat. Once they turn red, they’re ready to go.

Butter, Olive Oil, Garlic, Shrimps, Soy Sauce

  • Heat oil in a pan. Add butter to melt. (Or you can just actually put both together and heat.)
  • Add garlic and saute for two to three minutes. (Don’t forget to smell the aroma of the garlic while being sauteed. Mmmm.)
  • Add shrimps and mix.
  • Add soy sauce to taste.
  • Cook shrimps until they turn red, then remove from fire. Don’t overcook.

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