Cinderella: The Musical

It was our girls’ “gimmik” trip. My sisters, my five-year old daughter and I headed out last Sunday to the Cultural Center of the Phlippines (CCP) to watch Cinderella, the musical stage play featuring Lea Salonga.

It was the first time I ever got to watch Lea perform on stage and hear her sing live, since it was not Lea who performed when we watched Miss Saigon few years ago.

She really has a great voice and we all enjoyed the show. Alterations to the story to depict some current realities made it more interesting and humorous, such as having a king who appears stingy due to hard times and was not too excited about the expense of having a grand ball for his son, a godmother who seemingly tries to conceal her “fairy” or magical prowess , and lots more.

We’re all looking forward to more musical plays. Our next target : “Rapunzel” in September.

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