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PhotoHunt : View

My entry for this week is late as we were out during the weekend. Better late than never.


“Unfortunately, our senses are limited, therefore our view of the world is limited. This is not a problem unless we start believing that what we perceive is all there is to be perceived. It is not.” – Peter McWilliams

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this week’s theme was how we all differ in our views about life and the world around us. So I wanted to share the photo and message above. Our perspective on things is often limited to our learnings and experiences, and often it is just part and parcel of a bigger picture. It is not a complete and clear image of what life really is about.

Photo taken at Boracay, 2005. The effect was a result of some moisture that built up on the lens due to the airconditioning of our room.

PH#8. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.


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On Being Submissive and Assertive

1. inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or humbly obedient
2. marked by or indicating submission
Syn: 1. tractable, compliant, pliant, amenable. 2. passive, resigned, patient, docile, tame, subdued.
Ant: 1. rebellious, disobedient.

1. confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive; aggressive; dogmatic
2. having a distinctive or pronounced taste or aroma
Syn: 1. forceful, decisive, forward.

-from Unabridged

Where does a wife’s submissiveness ends and her assertiveness starts? How can she lovingly submit while (and without demandingly) asserting her needs and wants?

It takes a really good balancing act to achieve such equilibrium, and a difficult one at that. But it is of major importance that a wife should wisely learn to do such a deed to bring harmony to the home.

Yet I, for one, can’t seem to achieve such state of balance. I am more on the assertive side of the scale than on being submissive no matter how much effort I try to put on this lighter part of the scale.

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And This Is Why I Blog…

When stress, frustrations, anger and anxieties keep me awake and restless at night, one thing that pacifies me and settles my state of being is blogging (and reading other blogs). Yes, it is an outlet.

I forget about the stress of obligations, projects to do and schedules to meet. I cool down effortlessly after a bout of anger and frustration. I can momentarily let go of all anxieties and worries.

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PhotoHunt : Road


Flashback. Eight years ago. These photos bring memories to the days when I used to travel a lot.

The first photo shows a very empty road (except for that one person standing) leading to the some side stairs going to the actual stairway in the Great Wall of China. Or at least that is how I remember it. I recall we took a different path so we could climb the Great Wall. Oh boy, was it really some climb! I didn’t even make it to the peak or last tower. Some of my friends did, and it took them very long. I didn’t even manage to make it halfway as my thighs started to get cramps already. I found it hard to go up since the steps are uneven and some quite steep.

The second one shows the climb on the Great Wall. Far off in the distance, the photo shows some mountain roads leading to I don’t know where. 😀

Being here makes you understand why this is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. The place and the story behind it is truly amazing! And I’m glad I had the chance to visit…

PH#7. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.


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…and sleepless.

As I’ve written in a previous entry, “ber” months are busy months for me. And I can definitely feel the extra “busy-ness” since last week…

♦ Have a video to finish by tomorrow.
♦ Will be starting our first session of a scheduled community seminar on Thursday, where hubby and I are tasked to be facilitators, and will run for nine weeks (every Thursday night).
♦ Have 100pcs of ordered invitations and tags to finish by end September (or preferably earlier).
♦ Have a booth design/layout to finalize by this week (not to mention, that includes doing a mock setup to check what else will be needed).
♦ Need to finish design of our calling cards, new product tags, tarps and booth signages for next month, so we can have them printed already as early as now.
♦ Have to canvas and shop for supplies lacking.
♦ Need to continuously create more product designs as we need to build up our stocks for the next months.
♦ Have a meeting this Saturday (as section representative of our daughter’s class) with the school’s parents association officers to start planning the Family Day in November.
♦ Need to get some Zzzzzzzzz!

Did I miss anything? Oh, of course these are on top of my usual household tasks. And these are also the more urgent ones… especially the Zzzzzs! LOL 😀

I wasn’t too glad about missing this week’s photohunt (wild)… but need to set my priorities.

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PhotoHunt : Strings


“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens
for the sound of the genuine in yourself.
It is the only true guide you will ever have.
And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days
on ends of strings that somebody else pulls.” -Howard Thurman

I love music. And I love playing my guitar. Sadly though, this eighteen-year-old guitar of mine (a gift from my parents when I was in high school) is starting to give up on me. First, the strings. Then when I changed the strings, the next problem was the tuner.

Oh well, perhaps it’s time to let go and let this one graduate. I’m still saving up for a new one. For now, I just have to deal missing playing my guitar. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

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“B” is for Busy

The “ber” months are here. And as early as this week, I have been hearing Christmas songs being played in malls. Yes, in this part of the world, retailers and media are pushing the festive spirit of Christmas to everyone once the first “ber” month sets in, that is September.

For me, the onset of this month means extra “busy-ness”, and will further escalate as the holidays draw nearer. This year may be even busier as we are scheduled to join two bazaar events in the next two months. As early as now, we are in preparation. This, on top of the usual upcoming activities for Halloween, the holiday preparations which includes shopping for gifts, and the family gatherings when the holiday season finally comes. Most of the time it is fun, but at other times, it becomes too stressful that the holiday spirit seems to be lost in me and I just want to crawl under my pillows and blankets and have a quiet rendezvous with the Sandman.

But it is that time of the year once again. We cannot escape it.

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