“B” is for Busy

The “ber” months are here. And as early as this week, I have been hearing Christmas songs being played in malls. Yes, in this part of the world, retailers and media are pushing the festive spirit of Christmas to everyone once the first “ber” month sets in, that is September.

For me, the onset of this month means extra “busy-ness”, and will further escalate as the holidays draw nearer. This year may be even busier as we are scheduled to join two bazaar events in the next two months. As early as now, we are in preparation. This, on top of the usual upcoming activities for Halloween, the holiday preparations which includes shopping for gifts, and the family gatherings when the holiday season finally comes. Most of the time it is fun, but at other times, it becomes too stressful that the holiday spirit seems to be lost in me and I just want to crawl under my pillows and blankets and have a quiet rendezvous with the Sandman.

But it is that time of the year once again. We cannot escape it.

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