…and sleepless.

As I’ve written in a previous entry, “ber” months are busy months for me. And I can definitely feel the extra “busy-ness” since last week…

♦ Have a video to finish by tomorrow.
♦ Will be starting our first session of a scheduled community seminar on Thursday, where hubby and I are tasked to be facilitators, and will run for nine weeks (every Thursday night).
♦ Have 100pcs of ordered invitations and tags to finish by end September (or preferably earlier).
♦ Have a booth design/layout to finalize by this week (not to mention, that includes doing a mock setup to check what else will be needed).
♦ Need to finish design of our calling cards, new product tags, tarps and booth signages for next month, so we can have them printed already as early as now.
♦ Have to canvas and shop for supplies lacking.
♦ Need to continuously create more product designs as we need to build up our stocks for the next months.
♦ Have a meeting this Saturday (as section representative of our daughter’s class) with the school’s parents association officers to start planning the Family Day in November.
♦ Need to get some Zzzzzzzzz!

Did I miss anything? Oh, of course these are on top of my usual household tasks. And these are also the more urgent ones… especially the Zzzzzs! LOL 😀

I wasn’t too glad about missing this week’s photohunt (wild)… but need to set my priorities.

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