PhotoHunt : Family


Family Doodle of a 4-Year Old”

This my eldest daughter’s doodle of our family when she was 4 years old. She loves to doodle, draw and paint. See, there’s her younger sister on the leftmost, then herself holding her “dream” dog, our house supposedly, Dad and Mom.  Hmmm, Mom looks tall because of the hair… 🙂

I love to keep my kids’ drawings. It always brightens me up when I look back at them.

PH#11. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.


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10 responses to “PhotoHunt : Family

  1. wow, a budding artist 🙂 how old’s your daughter now?

    you can view my pic for photohunt at

  2. wow! that was so sweet….

  3. Nice 🙂

    Kids do have fun drawings, my son still does scribbles as he’s only 2 1/2– time flies though, before I know it he may be drawing family pictures too!

  4. I remember having my fridge covered with photos like this one… this to will pass.
    and you’ll miss it!

  5. this is such a precious art work from your 4 year old! have it framed and when she is older she will thank you for keeping such treasure!

  6. awww… u, i think these are priceless treasures. 🙂 i’m waiting for my girl to be old enough so i can stick them on the fridge too! 🙂

    ps. love ur header! did u create it?

  7. looks like someone is taking after her mother. 🙂

  8. @seyruh, she’s 5 now.

    @fickleminded, thanks.

    @laura, i’m sure he will be soon.

    @sandi, i do hope it won’t pass that soon…

    @earthlingorgeous, some of her works are actually framed… and working on the rest.

    @mistyeiz, don’t worry she’ll reach that stage. yes, i created my header. thanks!

    @light, i think she’s even better pa than me 😀

  9. i also meant to ask u how u did ur header? what software did u use?

  10. @mistyeiz, i used photoshop to create my header. 🙂

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