PhotoHunt : Scary


This is a huge statue or figure of an ape holding out its hand in a mini zoo in Tagaytay. Sort of like King Kong. It really isn’t that scary when you look at it at daytime. The size may just intimidate some people especially kids such as mine.

However, while the sun was setting, I decided to take a snapshot of this huge figure… and the photo of it came out quite spooky with the eyes, teeth and hand glowing against his pitch-dark body at a dusky hour of the day…

PH#12. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.



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7 responses to “PhotoHunt : Scary

  1. ya, it’s a tad scary 🙂

    have a great weekend btw 😉

  2. nice!!! very suitable for a halloween shot too. 🙂

  3. bat naman sila maglalagay ng nakakatakot na statue sa isang zoo? kawawa ang mga bata. just wondering.

  4. oh yeah, i think i remember this … i saw this in 1998 when i went to tagaytay with my friends before we graduated from college 🙂

  5. @annant, this shot did make it look scary.

    @mistyeiz, thanks!

    @aileen, i honestly also don’t know why they thought of that.

    @inyang, thanks for droppin’ by…

  6. That shot did come out rather spooky and intimidating. Nice capture.

    (thanks for the visit)

  7. spooky indeed… for kids!

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