Taking A Breather

Finally, things have died down a bit and I have this free time to sit around, relax, surf, open my blog and post an entry. I was surprised to see the new dashboard design in wordpress. Cool! I like the new design. Feels more organized to me, though I’m still kinda getting used to it.

I missed photohunt for the whole month of November. There were just so many tasks to do that I couldn’t find the time. I had been sleeping very very late (or should I say very early in the morning) for the past weeks. It’s time I catch up on my sleep before things get busy again as the holidays are getting near.

Speaking of the holidays, I felt panicky this morning as my daughter told me that Christmas is just 14 days to go. Oh great! Where did time go? I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. And there are so000 many gifts I need to buy!!!

I hate shopping in December as the malls are crowded, lines are long and traffic is just bad. Shopping during this time is plain stressful for me! So I thought of buying some gifts online, and I started earlier today. I was able to find one item that I could give to eight persons.  Eight down, eighty-five to go… Good luck to me!

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