Early Christmas Present

This is the reason I couldn’t remove the grin off my face last Friday. As much as I put effort to straighten my face at times (or else I look like an idiot smiling foolishly to myself), it still couldn’t be helped that my lips would unconciously find its way to curve into a smile.

This is hubby’s early Christmas present. I actually had some money saved up to buy myself a new guitar this month. Remember how my other two guitars are finally giving up on me? I guess it’s also about time since the old ones have been with me for so many years now. Though I know I still couldn’t let go of my first one.

He asked me if I wanted to go with him to the mall where he needed to buy something. At first I said no, not needing anything and feeling too lazy to go to the mall. However, when he asked if I wanted to take a look at some guitars, I suddenly changed my mind. I was ready and anxious to buy one this month anyway.

When I finally had a few options chosen, he told me this would be his Christmas present and I was to choose the one I liked most without worrying about the price. And it turned out that I (or we) ended up buying one that was way more than my original budget. Of course, I still had to be somehow frugal and practical, putting my own  limit to my options in monetary terms.

Yet, I couldn’t complain. Not in a million years. I still got more than I hoped for. And it is indeed a very nice guitar!

This is my best gift this Christmas.  🙂

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