New Year Blues

Up to this time of writing, I think I’m still suffering with a bit of New Year blues and anxieties, if ever there are indeed such things. Since  all the holiday celebrations and up to hubby’s birthday celebration last week, everything was so busy. No time to stop. No time to think. No time to reflect.

Suddenly, all the parties and celebrations ended. Somehow I found things at a sudden halt. I wasn’t ready yet to go back to my normal schedule. Not yet ready to go back to reality. Thus, I felt like in between worlds.

With the thought that a new year has started and another one just ended once again, I started feeling anxious. How much have I accomplished last year? Not much to my satisfaction, but perhaps I need to do a thanksgiving list to keep myself in check.

How much do I want to accomplish this year? A lot… and with a big how?!

And the thought that my birthday is nearing again brings me to another year older, but not necessarily a year wiser and more accomplished. Time seems to go faster and faster. So many goals, dreams, aspirations… what steps have I really taken to make them more real? Will daily errands, tasks and chores keep me trapped again and lose my focus to take real actions?

I look forward with fervent hope that this year would be more promising.

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