I Love The New Instant.

I love polaroids! It’s fun to see a printout of your photo instantly.

I still can’t forget the first and only time I was able to try one. It was really cool! It was during hubby’s birthday 3 years ago. A friend of ours who works for Jagermeister brought his “special” polaroid. I say special because when the photo comes out, it’s already inside a Jagermeister photo holder. šŸ™‚

Recently, I came across this site… and I found this new toy very cool! It’s the Polaroid PoGo (short for Polaroid-on-the-Go). It is to be released March this year at a suggested retail price of $199. I wonder how cool it is in actual.

Oh well, this one goes to my wish list. For now, I still have a prodigious bill to pay.

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One response to “I Love The New Instant.

  1. this is a cool gadget. i guess it as cool as it looks in this picture.

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