A Mom’s Remedies to Temporary Insanity

Okay, so I may be going overboard with the “insanity” thing… but I’m sure that most moms out there, if not all, would agree with me on the exaggeration.

Being a full-time mom, a full-time wife and a part-time entrepreneur, I am no exception from those who suffer episodes of stress that seem to drive them crazy.

So here are the top things that give me instantaneous (well, almost I think) relief from those stressful moments (not necessarily in this order):

♥ Playing My Guitar (and sometimes, the piano)…

…And singing along.  Often times, I prefer to play my guitar more than the piano since I can sing along more with my guitar.  Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I played the piano. I like to play mostly slow songs, though I have a few favorite fast songs, and I also play a lot of praise songs.

Every time I play, it helps me feel relaxed.

♥ Blogging (and blog-hopping)

Updating my blog, my kids’ blog, and our business blogs distracts my mind and eases the day’s worries and anxieties. I also love to blog-hop and read other bloggers’ entries if I can’t think of anything to write about.

♥ Listening to Music

Music, especially if the right kind, is an effective remedy for a lot of people I know and myself included. I especially love listening to 80’s music (yeah, I’m an 80’s kid), alternative and praise songs.

♥ Yoga

I used to do this one hour every day. But for two years now, it’s seems I don’t have enough time to do the complete yoga exercise, so when I feel a bit stressed, I just do some specific routine that helps.

♥ Reading Novels

I just recently went back to doing this one, and so far it is helping. For years, it’s either I didn’t have time or I couldn’t absorb what I was reading. I realized now it was the wrong choice of books.

♥ Painting (or sketching)

I actually haven’t done this for quite some time, but it is a sure way to restore my sanity. At times, if I can’t paint the traditional way, I do it digitally.

Looks like it’s time I start working on a new project.

♥ Designing

Design for me encompasses various areas of interest…  like design of fashion accessories and small trinkets, designing a blog or blog header (sometimes, a website),  thinking of creative ideas to sell, designing a scrapbook or photo album, designing bags and shoes (in the past), etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

♥ Shopping

Yes, shopping is a woman’s best friend… only if you have the budget to go with it! As much as I love to do this, I can only do it when budget permits. 😦

♥ A Full Body Massage

Mmm, this one is absolutely heavenly… What more can I say?

Well, I wanted to add S-E-X but it takes two to tango, and if partner is too busy or isn’t in the mood, then it’s out of my options… Haha!

And then there’s going out with hubby, spending time with friends,  playing with the kids, camping and windsurfing… but sometimes these things need some time to prepare or plan, and have some dependencies apart from myself, so I decided to leave it out the list… 🙂

*Sketches/Illustrations in this post done by me, myself and I…  🙂  –  01.26.09


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12 responses to “A Mom’s Remedies to Temporary Insanity

  1. i used to do a lot.. i used to have enough time. yoga is one of the things i miss. and also reading.

    you are a talented woman pala.. 🙂

  2. In my younger days, I play the piano too to relieve stress, it also has a nifty top where I can put my beer. The only problem is, I can’t bring it to my “tambayan”. That’s where my guitar comes in. : )

  3. thanks, bing… lots of hidden talents… better hidden! haha! i need to find some good use for them 🙂 i miss yoga too. need to bring it back to my routine.

    blogusvox, that’s what i like about my guitar too — can bring it anywhere… 🙂

  4. Dee

    Hi! Discovered your blog through my favorite hobby — blog-hopping.

    You have a really pretty and nice site here! I love the clip-arts (I don’t know if that’s the right term).

    Becoming a mom is really stressful. There are lots of things to do and so little time. Sometimes I wish it just isn’t 24 hours a day but 30 hours or more.

  5. adz

    I go to the beach when I’m stressed. I love the soothing and calm atmosphere ng seaside … I also like watching movies at the movie theater alone or read until wee hours inside my room….

    I left a reply in my for you in my blog. Thank you for visiting my humble balay.

    my reply to your comment here: http://adzasnawi.blogspot.com/2009/01/soul-searching-mode.html

  6. adz

    “I left a reply in my for you in my blog. Thank you for visiting my humble balay.” what was I thinking when I wrote this?

    I left a reply for you in my blog. Thank you for visiting my humble balay.

    (sleepy ambivert here… time check its 2:20AM)

    God bless!

  7. dee, thanks! it sure gets stressful… that’s why we really need some de-stressing activities 🙂

    adz, don’t worry… looks like you were half asleep when you wrote it. hahaha…

    i love the beach too! unfortunately for me, there’s none that’s easily accessible anytime i feel like it…

  8. I get stress. It’s part of the package of motherhood. Books do help…that and running.

  9. I’m so with you on this topic. A mom’s life is really chaotic that if we don’t break away from the chaos, we might just go insane, lol. Reading, blogging, scrapbooking, and playing DS are some of my stress-relief remedies. And s** really eliminates my stress as well!

  10. Do you draw the little sketches that goes with your post as they are so perfect with your writing…?

  11. Ok..answered my own question when I went to the ‘about’ section…I too love handbags…Michelle

  12. shoshana, yup you’re right everyone does.

    mira, hahaha (about the s**)… been trying to post a comment in your site but couldn’t. wonder why… 😦

    rambling woods, yes i did the sketches. it’s one of my “make-me-feel-good” activities… if i have time 🙂

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