Celebrate Eight.

Hubby and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was a simple celebration, nothing fancy.

I cooked the special meal I wanted to prepare for him last Monday night since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go out to buy ingredients and cook yesterday. Plus I prefer to cook crabs immediately after buying it. I don’t like it being stored in the ref before cooking.

So I prepared his favorite “Ginataang Alimasag”.

And it was my first time too to cook this meal. Fortunately, it tasted good (enough).  🙂  And I was lucky that “fat” or “meaty” crabs (sorry, couldn’t think of the right adjective) were available in the market nearby.

Then yesterday we just went out to watch a movie… or two movies actually. First time we did that.

During the earlier years, we would normally watch a movie at least once a week. Since having kids, it became so infrequent.  So yesterday, we just wanted to relax while watching a movie.

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