Learning = Photo Fun!

I’m officially done with my second day of photography classes last night.  Four more to go. The class was supposed to end at 10:00pm but we ended at 11:00pm. I didn’t mind though. It was fun and interesting.

This is the first photography class (ever) that I attended. Years ago, I never thought I’d be attending such a class, as photography wasn’t exactly on my list of things to learn…

Well, I love to look at photos and ever since I also love to take photos of different subjects – my family, kids, friends, travelled places, accessories (for our business), events and parties.  But that was it. All for posterity’s sake. I never considered myself to have the eye of a good photographer. It was my other sister who took lessons before and whom I know to have that “creative eye” for it.

But since studying Digital Arts three years back and working with Photoshop since, I started to appreciate good photos more. I enjoyed looking through artistic photographs, and became more interested. Not to mention that I also became interested to know how to capture  good photographs which I can make as subjects for my paintings.

And now here I am… and enjoying it!

We submitted our first photo project last night. Although we get to choose our own subject or theme, it still was a very difficult one for me having to consider all the criteria needed for the photo. I took a thousand photos (literally) of different themes in the last three days before I felt satisfied enough to submit one. Yes, we had to choose and submit ONLY ONE! The selection process actually gave me a headache.

This was the final selection I decided to submit…

It was good to hear all the critique – both good and bad. The good points, of course, made me feel good about what I did right, and the bad points didn’t actually bring me down but made me feel better since I got tips on what things to improve on.

And I believe that is what learning is all about… being open-minded and wanting to know where and what to improve on… and there will always be room!

Can’t wait for Day 3 on Friday… 😀


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4 responses to “Learning = Photo Fun!

  1. That looks like a good picture. I don’t know much about pictures and taking pictures. It’s probably a good idea to take photography classes. Sounds like you’re having fun.

  2. Dee

    I don’t know much about photography too but your photo does look nice. Looks something like a Bokeh effect, maybe. And tulips happen to be my favorite.

    And thank so much for the tip about Trinoma and Alimall. I’ll definitely visit the shop next week and I’m excited :D. And I’m passing a tag for you. Hope you don’t mind. Please take a look at my blog …

    Have a good day! 😀

  3. This is what you call a “Bokeh” technique. Focusing on a subject and “blurring” the background.

    IMO, it would be nice if it’s arranged in such a way that the flower is the subject and the leaves are “out of focus”.

  4. shoshana, the classes are fun indeed…

    dee, thanks for the tag… will check it out.

    blogusvox, thanks for the tip. actually i was having a bit of a challenge with the focus. i only realized during the next class that i should have rearranged them. hehe 🙂 oh well… that’s learning…

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