Fashion Snapshot #2: Wedges and Sandals

fashionsnapshotSummer is almost over for us (or was it over already since typhoons started early?)… but anyway, I still have this urge to do this since I’m such a fan of wedges and sandals…

All I can do is drool over them online since I couldn’t find them locally… nor could I find a close one that is good enough (or  priced reasonably enough).

Hubby and my sisters would tease me to be like Imelda Marcos when I was younger (and still single) since I had a great fetish for shoes and I did have a lot of them. Not anymore though. Now I love to window shop and only on rare occasions, do I give in to the temptation and treat myself.  For these past few years though, hubby is the one buying me shoes at Charles & Keith whenever he travels to Singapore (since it’s usually cheaper there especially during sale season).

Wedges and Sandals from Piperlime

Most of the shoes in the photo are my “typical” favorites. I guess most of these are the styles that is so “me”.  I prefer to wear these kind of sandals or wedges when I go out in casual wear. I’m not the flipflop type,  the sneaker type, nor the kitty-heel type or whatever other type is out there.

The wedges and sandals above are all available online at Piperlime.



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2 responses to “Fashion Snapshot #2: Wedges and Sandals

  1. Dee

    Beautiful wedges. I love wedges too. For me, they add height without being too uncomfortable. Now, I’m off to the website you mentioned. I’ll check it out.

    Oh, by the way, I thought you’d like to know that I checked the jewelry store (Asian Finds, I think) in Trinoma and too bad their store there is already closed. But it’s okay, I’ll visit Cubao or Alabang one of these days. Thanks so much. 😀

  2. hi dee, oh too bad it’s closed na. visit alabang branch when you get a chance. 🙂

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