Dreaded Chores

It’s been a month since our helpers left to go home to their family in the province. We haven’t found a replacement yet. There were some referrals but they just didn’t match to what we needed.  So for about a month now, I have been doing all the house chores (with hubby’s help).

There are days when I feel so tired having to keep the house in order, and taking care of two kids, 6 and 2.  Luckily, I have survived one month. I didn’t exactly grow up being used to doing chores in the house. I grew up with two (or sometimes three) maids to help around the house. I only learned to really do stuff the day I got married. No regrets though.

Even right now, sometimes it feels even great to have no help around the house (the only exception I don’t feel this way is when I’m really really tired and I don’t get enough time to lounge around my computer)…  The kids are even learning to help around, and be more independent with no helper at their beck and call… which I believe is good.

I guess things would actually be a lot easier if there are chores which I don’t actually dread doing… and the top three tasks to get that award would be :
* Bringing out the garbage,
* Cleaning the toilet, and
* Ironing clothes.


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4 responses to “Dreaded Chores

  1. Same with my wife. Namulat sa “reality” of domestic life only when we got married. Hindi marunong mag luto, maglaba, mamalantsa. I have to coached her for several months before she learned the ropes. We got nobody to depend on here.

  2. Those are my least favorite chores, too. Now, my husband wears non-iron shirts. That helps. 🙂

  3. Dee

    Ay, kagaya tayo!

    We don’t have helpers right now too. Been doing the chores by myself (with my husband’s help too) for around 3 weeks now.

    And I hate cleaning the toilet and taking out the garbage too – super! I wish I can escape doing those. *sigh*

  4. @blogusvox, pareho pala kami… it was also my husband who taught me…

    @asianmommy, it’s kinda hard to find non-iron shirts that my husband likes… if only most clothes are non-iron… hahaha…

    @dee, grabe i wish i can escape doing them too! 😀

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