Just Thinking…

I know I don’t post much about some activities hubby and I do for our community. I just don’t feel I need to nor want to. After all, action is better than words (right?)… And I prefer to write about non-essential stuff which doesn’t require much thinking… Hahaha!

But recently, I realized that there are instances where words (well, written words) can also influence. I don’t consider myself an influential blogger since I blog for my own personal reasons… nor do I think of myself as an exceptional writer who can move people to action… but a few reads recently made me think.  I figured (and hope) that by sharing some more important activities, experiences and messages, some persons (at least one) may learn from it and be moved to care about a cause.

Hmmm… so when do I have the time to write more meaningful stuff ?  🙂


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2 responses to “Just Thinking…

  1. actually, enough time is what i needed, too. nahihirapan na nga rin ako..

    but please write your thoughts. it can influence one way or the other. one soul to win is more than enough.

  2. i hope i can… though now with no maids, kids and chores to attend to, i have to try how to make time to write more essential stuff…

    i agree and that’s what i realized too — one soul is more than enough… thanks, bing.

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