The Secret To Moving On…

…is to travel light!


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6 responses to “The Secret To Moving On…

  1. Dee

    Yes, that’s so true. Life is much easier to live if we take out the excess baggage. 🙂

  2. A lot of meaning may be attached to that phrase and one of them is what Dee said.

    Ang galing mo palang mag drawing sa Adobe! : )

  3. @dee, i totally agree!

    @blogusvox, i used to teach adobe… ngayon wala nang practice 😦 need to practice…

  4. Especially if you’re going uphill….

    Hey, I didn’t know you’ve returned to blogging. I removed you from my blogroll before because I thought you completely abandoned blogging. I linked you back.

    Good to be reading you again!

  5. abaniko, wouldn’t really call it “abandon” though i was away from blogging for quite some time… 🙂 but don’t think i can stay away that long… 😀

  6. travel light…. yet carry the essentials..

    wait, is that a water jug you just dropped on the pic or some lotion container?

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