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Fashion Snapshot #3: Sundrench’s De Classique Collection


I have yet to meet a lady who isn’t smitten or doesn’t fancy semiprecious stones especially when it comes to accessories as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Whether it’s a turquoise, a rose quartz, a coral or an onyx, I’m sure there is one (or many) of those stones she would love.

That is why ladies would love the newest accessory collection, “De Classique”, recently launched by Sundrench.

It features a classic and timeless design for necklaces and earrings. The style can be worn for casual daily or formal use.  As far as the Sundrenched girls are concerned, this is one of those fashion accessories that never goes away.

Check it out at Sundrench’s site — and

De Classique Collection

De Classique Collection

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Saturday, the day Ondoy hit Metro Manila, was literally and figuratively a dark and dreary day for many of us. I am thankful and I know that our family is very fortunate not to have witnessed and experienced the fierceness of Ondoy. We were so blessed to have encountered only the rains and a little flood that was barely ankle-deep outside our house, even oblivious that less than two kilometers from our place some homes and our parish was already a little over waist-deep in water.

I knew with that continuous heavy rainfall, a lot of areas in Metro Manila would be flooded, but I never really imagined the immensity of the devastation it caused ’til I saw the news and the aftermath in the internet and even in facebook.

We are deeply saddened by the people lost and the great number of families displaced from their homes. We really pray for strength, faith and forebearance for all the victims of the typhoon, and for more immediate aid to come for whatever needs they may have.


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Upgrading to a new computer always has its positive and negative side, for me that is.. Of course, the plus side is obvious.

The downside I hate about it is re-installing every single program that I use — from the OS to the default browser I regularly use that is Firefox to MS Office to Anti-virus applications to YM to Nero burning programs to various Adobe software up to the occasional and miscellaneous programs such as video editing apps and a few games.

I got my new box recently and up to now I have been setting it up again and again. Sigh.

It’s a good thing I got all my data backed up in an external hard drive. Up to now I’m still accessing data from there. I haven’t copied them to the new CPU as I’m still monitoring if things are stable enough already…

This task has made me miss blog updates and blog-hopping. Sigh.

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Celphones Cooking Popcorn?

I wonder how true here…  Something to worry about if it is… especially for the generation of our kids who started using celfones at an earlier age than we did…  😦

Here’s the link.

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