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Where is Christmas?

I didn’t realize it’s been more than a month that I haven’t posted anything here. The days just whizzed by.

Christmas also had passed and I didn’t even get to feel Christmas. It was the first time our family spent Christmas away from home. We were in Boracay, along with hubby’s side of the family… a planned vacation while his siblings (and family) who live abroad all went home for the holidays.

Although it was a great vacation, it was quite difficult to feel Christmas. We still celebrated with our traditional noche buena but i guess it wasn’t enough. Perhaps it was because of the lack of some activities such as the opening of gifts (especially with the kids’ excitement and anticipation), the very seldom heard Christmas songs in the air and the missing decor-filled ambiance.

It was like trying to celebrate Christmas on a hot summer day in the beach… hmmm… which was exactly what we did.

We returned home the day after Christmas. It felt strange to see all the unopened gifts under our Christmas tree. It was like being transported through time and going home realizing you missed some days.

This makes me wonder if I’ve become too dependent on external festivities and activities that we do on Christmas to make me feel it. If I truly understand what Christmas means, then should it matter where I spend it?


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