Closing a Chapter

I finally took time to clean up the kids’ closet. While I was removing and storing away some old clothes which they’ve outgrown and don’t use anymore, I don’t exactly know how I feel. 

Mixed emotions. 
Some small dresses reminds me of how little they were and it’s hard to imagine they were that small. It makes me smile trying to think especiallg of how little my eldest was before. Now she’s almost as tall as me and fits my clothes. 

It feels like disposing of these clothes marks a finality in their childhood, although my youngest is still 10 (but her tastes have started to change). 

It’s a final goodbye to their toddler years and their childhood years… My eldest is definitely a teen now and my youngest is entering her pre-teen years.

How time flies so fast! I feel sad that the days of their total dependence on us, cute silliness and sweetness are starting to disappear. 😞 

If only we can freeze time and moments. 😕

Some of K & N’s fave dresses before 🙂

Saying goodbye to these clothes feel like saying goodbye to their childhood 😔

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