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Upgrading to a new computer always has its positive and negative side, for me that is.. Of course, the plus side is obvious.

The downside I hate about it is re-installing every single program that I use — from the OS to the default browser I regularly use that is Firefox to MS Office to Anti-virus applications to YM to Nero burning programs to various Adobe software up to the occasional and miscellaneous programs such as video editing apps and a few games.

I got my new box recently and up to now I have been setting it up again and again. Sigh.

It’s a good thing I got all my data backed up in an external hard drive. Up to now I’m still accessing data from there. I haven’t copied them to the new CPU as I’m still monitoring if things are stable enough already…

This task has made me miss blog updates and blog-hopping. Sigh.


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Celphones Cooking Popcorn?

I wonder how true here…  Something to worry about if it is… especially for the generation of our kids who started using celfones at an earlier age than we did…  😦

Here’s the link.

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Web’s Most Dangerous Keywords

Which is the most dangerous keyword to search for using public search engines these days?

It’s “screensavers” with a maximum risk of 59.1 percent, according to McAfee’s recently released report “The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms“.

Upon searching for 2,658 unique popular keywords and phrases across 413,368 unique URLs, McAfee’s research concludes that lyrics and anything that includes ‘free” has the highest risk percentage of exposing users to malware and fraudulent web sites. The research further states that the category with the safest risk profile are health-related search terms.

Here are more findings:

  • The categories with the worst maximum risk profile were lyrics keywords (26.3%) and phrases that include the word “free” (21.3%). If a consumer landed at the riskiest search page for a typical lyrics search, one of four results would be risky
  • The categories with the worst average risk profile were also lyrics sites (5.1%) and “free” sites (7.3%)
  • The categories with the safest risk profile were health-related search terms and searches concerning the recent economic crisis. The maximum risk on a single page of queries on the economy was 3.5% and only 0.5% risky across all results. Similarly, even the worst page for health queries had just 4.0% risky sites and just 0.4% risk overall

This isn’t the first time McAfee is attempting to assess the risk percentage of particular search terms, as the company did similar studies in 2006 and 2007. And whereas the research attempts to raise awareness on malicious practices applied by cybercriminals, it also has the potential to leave a lot of people with a false feeling of security since it’s basically scratching the surface of a very dynamic problem.

*taken from an article in
*full article here


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I Love The New Instant.

I love polaroids! It’s fun to see a printout of your photo instantly.

I still can’t forget the first and only time I was able to try one. It was really cool! It was during hubby’s birthday 3 years ago. A friend of ours who works for Jagermeister brought his “special” polaroid. I say special because when the photo comes out, it’s already inside a Jagermeister photo holder. 🙂

Recently, I came across this site… and I found this new toy very cool! It’s the Polaroid PoGo (short for Polaroid-on-the-Go). It is to be released March this year at a suggested retail price of $199. I wonder how cool it is in actual.

Oh well, this one goes to my wish list. For now, I still have a prodigious bill to pay.

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The Anticipation Is Over.

But the excitement is not.

The camera finally arrived last night (or should I say very early morning today at about 1:00am). Like kids who couldn’t wait to open gifts, hubby and I opened each box and played with the camera, shooting here and there, until 2:30am.

I still need to practice and learn more about shooting with our new cam though.  We bought two lenses along with the camera, a fixed focal length of 50mm and a zoom lens of 17-85mm (with hood and filter), and a 430ex II flash. I also need to learn more about the proper use of the flash, but as it is right now, it is so fun to experiment. 🙂

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Well, I’m definitely over my iphone.

I’m just excited and can’t wait for our new gadget to arrive next week when my brother-in-law comes home from his vacation in the US.  We decided to buy it online from there since it comes out much much cheaper than buying it here.

Can’t wait to try it out.


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Facebook: Reuniting Old Friends

The social networking power of facebook still continue to surprise me at times. I’ve had a couple of long time friends I haven’t seen or heard from for around 20 years, not even my other friends have heard anything about them, and suddenly a contact invite from these person pops up in my FB account. Then we find ourselves exchanging a lot of life stories with the ease and comfortability of friends as if we just saw each other yesterday…

I just had another one of that today. 🙂

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