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Dream of You

Cleaning up my data files, photos and websites on my hdd tonight, I found this old blog entry of mine dated January 27, 2005. I can’t seem to reconcile that I wrote this though I do remember the dream I had of her years after her death.

“Dream of You…”

i walk on a long narrow pathway filled with gravel and sand as though time couldn’t care, vaguely noticing the vibrant green bushes along side that mark my way. everything else is a blur.

she was only twenty one when she died, and she was one of my college friends. she was frank, quiet around others but not with
friends, and seemingly cold and aloof to those who don’t know her well. she was also outgoing yet in a reserved kind of way.

even my destination is obscured, the path just seems to stretch on and on and on, with a bright almost-blinding white light ahead of me.

we were alphabetically seated one chair apart on our first term in freshman year in college. i guess you could say convenience in
seat plan and our last names begot our friendship as we often would be groupmates.

i hear a faint voice eventually becoming discernible, and incoherent words i can hardly fathom, now getting clearer.

she lived only with her mother in a slightly above-average apartment somewhere in buendia. her father, not of filipino descent,
died of a ruptured aneurism in the brain when she was just a little girl. her older, much older, and only brother has been living
in the united states for years now as a military man.

i look to my right, and realized she was in stride with me all along. she was wearing her favorite pink collared shirt and faded blue jeans folded at the ends.

i graduated one term ahead of her. she got delayed because of their thesis. with our busy schedules, we seldom see each other
though our ‘barkada’ do make it a point to get together once in a while especially on special occassions. few months after her
graduation, i heard she got into one of the top i.t. companies in makati.

“how are you?”, i asked. “fine. don’t worry, i’m happy.” was her reply, with a serene smile.

during our latter years in college, she often complained of head-splitting migraines. stubborn as she is, she would dismiss our
constant nagging for her to see a doctor.

we talked some more, of things i vaguely remember, for what seemed like hours, the scenery unchanging, the walk growing tedious.

one uneventful day, another friend of ours, who is also her officemate, called me at my office with the news…
A: have you heard?
me: heard of what?
A: of mitch.
me: what of mitch?
A: she’s at st. luke’s. clinically dead…

suddenly everything started to blur… the pathway, the light, her face, her voice…

my body went limp, my world spinning, hearing the news yet disbelieving, unaccepting. i have to see her. we all do. i forced
myself to move, to stand, to walk, to drive…

an aneurism in the brain that ruptured took her life. just like her father. but she at twenty one.

i had just enough time to bid her goodbye before all disappeared and i was left standing… alone. in the darkness. but with content and light-heartedness.

i suddenly awaken. i was in my own bed. with a heavy heart, the bare truth hit me. hard. very hard.

but i remembered.

i know that she is happy now…

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Five Ways to Stay Fit When You Work at Home

Found this article and I can very much relate and appreciate the tips written here.

As a mompreneur myself, most of the time I’m looking for time to squeeze in some exercise not for weight loss or anything but more to release stress. But more often than not is unable to find time, and find myself exhausted and close to burnout.

Just want to share this here…

Five Ways to Stay Fit When You Work at Home by Theresa Ceniccola

If you’re running a home business while raising a family, you probably feel like you have two full-time jobs. For many mompreneurs, the last thing on the list of priorities is an exercise routine. In fact, a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that new mothers exercise less than childless women their age. Add to that a new business, and you have a recipe for an exhausted, unhealthy mom.

So we agree that work-at-home moms have unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a fitness routine. But chances are, one of the reasons you chose to start a business while raising a family is so you could create a more balanced life. So you could earn a living doing what you love while remaining present at home for your family. When you ignore your own health and fitness, you can’t possibly live a balanced life. And while you may be physically present for your family, you may not be the most pleasant mom (Trust me – I’ve been the cranky mom many times!).

Regular exercise gives you more energy to keep up with your children and your busy schedule. It helps you stay focused and productive in the office. Exercise relieves stress and endorphins that help you feel better about yourself, your business and life in general. And it creates a healthier home because a happy mommy is a good mommy.

So how can you create time for fitness when you’re running a business and taking care of your children? Try these fitness tips for mompreneurs:

Five Fitness Tips for Busy Mom Entrepreneurs

1. First Things First. Have you ever read the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy? It’s about procrastination and the idea of tackling your highest priority task first thing in the day (your “frog”). For me, that’s exercise. I discovered long ago that the only excuse I have the morning is that I want to sleep longer. As the day progresses, the excuse list gets longer. Life gets in the way. So I know I have to knock it out first thing. You may have better results with an evening routine or lunchtime workout, but try to choose a time of day and make it part of your regular schedule. Then you don’t have to figure out where to squeeze in a workout. It’s already part of your day.

2. Follow Your Heart. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling and painful. In fact, if you want to stick with it, you should choose something fun. If you’re not into running or hanging out at a gym, then take a look at other options. Try Zumba, yoga, swimming or belly dancing. Take a class in rock climbing or stand-up paddle boards. Go hiking, biking or in line skating. If you’re having fun, you’ll want to do it again.

3. Set a Goal. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably used to measuring results. For some people, the motivation comes from the monitoring this progress along a journey to improve something specific. To lose weight. To get stronger or faster. To live longer. To be happier and less stressed. Get in touch with your own personal motivation. What is it that you hope to accomplish through exercise? It doesn’t have to be a number on the scale or a certain size jeans. It could simply be that you want to have energy every morning. Or perhaps you want to be able to keep up with your dog on a hike or walk that you take. Or maybe you want to run a 5k for a charity. Whatever it is, write down your goal and keep it someplace visible for motivation.

4. Find a Partner. What’s the reason Weight Watchers is so successful? Accountability. There is someone waiting for you to show up each week and get on that scale. Having an exercise partner gives you that same accountability. Just knowing that someone is waiting for you and counting on you to show up can be a powerful motivator. I’ve run a marathon, completed several bike centuries and competed in many triathlons. I know for certain I never would have made it to the starting line in any of those events without a training partner. Here’s a tip about choosing your exercise partner: find someone who is slightly faster, stronger or more skilled in the activity than you. This will ensure that you are challenged but not completely outmatched, which would leave you both frustrated and discouraged.

5. Honor Your Commitment. Once you’ve decided to make fitness a part of your daily routine then give yourself permission to spend the time you need to workout. This may require hiring a babysitter or letting go of another obligation. It may mean that something else simply doesn’t get done perfectly (like laundry or housecleaning). Take some time to explain to your family why you are exercising and how important it is to you. Help them understand that you need their support and encouragement if you are going to keep it up. Ask them to respect your need for dedicated workout time. You may even decide to include your family in your exercise program!

It’s your turn. What are your tips and tricks for staying fit while working from home? Please share them with us here

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So Proud of My “Little Mermaid”

We enrolled our eldest daughter, who turned six last March, in swimming lessons this summer. She had classes at 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, Mondays to Fridays.  Often times, we go home around 10:00am already because she’d either be attending again the second class (9:00-10) or playing around with some of her “swimming” friends. More often than not, she’d be playing after her lessons.

Her classes started April 1 and ended on their graduation day — which was this morning, May 16. After almost 6 weeks of swimming, 5 days a week, she has become super “tanned”! It’s a good thing she’s not bothered by her dark color now. All she knows is how much fun she has when she swims. One time, I commented about how dark her skin is, she simply told me in a matter-of-fact tone : “Don’t worry mommy, my color is going to come back.” Good for her. It’s the mom who’s worried 🙂

I guess she (and our youngest) got this from me and my husband — we love the water too!

This morning during their swiming graduation, she finished second place during the competition for her age group. There were four of them in her event.

During the past few days, I noticed she was getting nervous about the competition and was even opting not to attend the graduation, just to avoid the race. She was also worried about swimming across alone, without any of their instructors with them in the pool. Luckily I was able to talk her into attending,  to just have fun and focus on just swimming across, not on winning.

I didn’t want her to miss this day out of fear. I know it will make a difference for her when she grows up and look back to this day. It may just be another summer activity in her life, but  it’s the small things that they do that will make a difference in how they see and will see themselves later on.

She was so glad that she did come to her swimming graduation. Aside from being able to swim across, finishing second place was another accomplishment that gained her more confidence. She’s very happy that she was able to swam across and very proud of the medal she got… (though all kids ages 6 and below were given medals, win or lose).


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s one of those mushy days again especially for lovebirds… but for those who are single and consider themselves “loveless”, don’t fret… think about your family and friends who love you dearly and whom you love in return. Valentine’s day is all about love and it doesn’t have to be just about romantic love.

Two days ago, I received a very sweet Valentine greeting from my eldest daughter.

Here is the card she made for me and hubby…

Despite knowing it was a school project, I was still really touched. She was very proud of her Valentine’s gift for us… 🙂  For me, it’s a very simple effort from a five-year-old but very meaningful.

It just goes to show we don’t need fancy and expensive gifts to make our loved ones happy this Valentine’s. 🙂


Did you know?

The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas.


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Facebook: Reuniting Old Friends

The social networking power of facebook still continue to surprise me at times. I’ve had a couple of long time friends I haven’t seen or heard from for around 20 years, not even my other friends have heard anything about them, and suddenly a contact invite from these person pops up in my FB account. Then we find ourselves exchanging a lot of life stories with the ease and comfortability of friends as if we just saw each other yesterday…

I just had another one of that today. 🙂

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Sharing Their Candies

I missed my daughters’ trick or treatin’ activity last Friday… I had to man our booth the whole day during the two-day bazaar that we joined, so hubby was the one who brought them. They were so cute in their Witch costumes (not the scary one, but the fairy cartoon series).

They got lots of candies and goodies again. Year after year, most of those goodies would just go to waste since we don’t like having them eat all of it or they might end up with toothaches. So this time, they were allowed to choose which ones they would like to keep and we decided to give the rest away to less unfortunate kids that would loiter around the church premises on Sundays.

I think it is a good way to teach our kids (especially our eldest who is five) about sharing and help them to be thankful for what they have.

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PhotoHunt : Family


Family Doodle of a 4-Year Old”

This my eldest daughter’s doodle of our family when she was 4 years old. She loves to doodle, draw and paint. See, there’s her younger sister on the leftmost, then herself holding her “dream” dog, our house supposedly, Dad and Mom.  Hmmm, Mom looks tall because of the hair… 🙂

I love to keep my kids’ drawings. It always brightens me up when I look back at them.

PH#11. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.


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