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So Proud of My “Little Mermaid”

We enrolled our eldest daughter, who turned six last March, in swimming lessons this summer. She had classes at 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, Mondays to Fridays.  Often times, we go home around 10:00am already because she’d either be attending again the second class (9:00-10) or playing around with some of her “swimming” friends. More often than not, she’d be playing after her lessons.

Her classes started April 1 and ended on their graduation day — which was this morning, May 16. After almost 6 weeks of swimming, 5 days a week, she has become super “tanned”! It’s a good thing she’s not bothered by her dark color now. All she knows is how much fun she has when she swims. One time, I commented about how dark her skin is, she simply told me in a matter-of-fact tone : “Don’t worry mommy, my color is going to come back.” Good for her. It’s the mom who’s worried 🙂

I guess she (and our youngest) got this from me and my husband — we love the water too!

This morning during their swiming graduation, she finished second place during the competition for her age group. There were four of them in her event.

During the past few days, I noticed she was getting nervous about the competition and was even opting not to attend the graduation, just to avoid the race. She was also worried about swimming across alone, without any of their instructors with them in the pool. Luckily I was able to talk her into attending,  to just have fun and focus on just swimming across, not on winning.

I didn’t want her to miss this day out of fear. I know it will make a difference for her when she grows up and look back to this day. It may just be another summer activity in her life, but  it’s the small things that they do that will make a difference in how they see and will see themselves later on.

She was so glad that she did come to her swimming graduation. Aside from being able to swim across, finishing second place was another accomplishment that gained her more confidence. She’s very happy that she was able to swam across and very proud of the medal she got… (though all kids ages 6 and below were given medals, win or lose).


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PhotoHunt : Colorful


A kid’s world… Colorful!

That’s how I’ll best describe it. From their playthings to the stuff that they imagine in their minds. That’s why I believe in Art, Play and Music as very effective means of teaching and developing their young minds.

And as I look into this photo, I am overtaken by a siege of nostalgia. Kids grow up so fast. I took this photo of my eldest daughter almost four years ago. She was only one year and nine months, comfortably lying in a pool of soft colorful balls, and enjoying it. How time flies!


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