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It Hurts Only When I Breathe

The whole song is not an apt description but it does hurt when I breathe so I wish I can hold my breath – – to forget…

Hope life’s been good to you
since you’ve been gone
I’m doin’ fine now–I’ve finally moved on
It’s not so bad–I’m not that sad

I’m not surprised just how well I survived
I’m over the worst, and I feel so alive
I can’t complain–I’m free again

And it only hurts when I’m breathing
My heart only breaks when it’s beating
My dreams only die when I’m dreaming
So, I hold my breath–to forget

Don’t think I’m lyin’ ’round cryin’ at night
There’s no need to worry, I’m really all right
I’ve never looked back–as a matter of fact

[Repeat Chorus]

It only hurts when I breathe

Mmm, no, I’ve never looked back–
as a matter fact

[Repeat Chorus]

Hurts when I’m breathing
Breaks when it’s beating
Die when I’m dreaming
It only hurts when I breathe

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A Night To Remember

It’s been a long time since I went to a club or disco (not really sure how the young ones call them nowadays), watched a live band, went bar hopping and increased the alcohol level in my body.  🙂

Last night was the first after so many years. Long ago (yes, it seems so long long ago), hubby and I love to go out for night gimmicks – whether it’s just the two of us or with friends.  Sometimes, it’d be watching a live band, sometimes go dancing, sometimes watching concerts… and of course at times just hanging out in a bar for drinks (though I really don’t drink much which eventually became nil since my first pregnancy and my acid reflux attacks thereafter).

Last night, we brought a visiting friend from Canada for a night out, and another friend (who is very familiar with all the club joints here in Manila as part of his work) joined us. First, we had some light dinner, drinks and watched a live band at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt. Then, we went to Mint (in Fort) for some drinks and finally, went disco dancing at Embassy (in Fort) until 3:00 in the morning.  Since we had to bring home our friend, hubby and I arrived home almost 4:00 in the morning.

I felt I’m really getting older. While at Embassy, I found some of the music didn’t really match my taste for dancing (though there were some good ones), and I don’t think I could dance as well as before anymore. Haha.  I also wasn’t used to the flashing and blinking lights anymore. At times, it gets too much I feel like getting a headache but luckily, it never came.

In any case, it still was a great night for all of us. It was especially a special one for hubby and me, as it relived the good old night outs we used to have together. Nowadays, we go out but for more quiet gimmicks like  movies, dinner or drinks at a friend’s house.

I realized, once in a while, it is nice to do some of the old fun activities that we used to share. It adds spice and spark…. 🙂


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On Love and Relationships.

This would have made a good entry for Valentine’s… but since I only had time to view Dee’s tag the other day (been busy lately), it’s as good as a post-Valentine entry…

Thanks, Dee, for the tag.

This is about why I love my husband.

It’s actually an easy and a difficult question for me. Easy, since there are a lot of things, small and big, that I can list down as to why I love him. Difficult, because all these things put together still doesn’t seem to be enough to quantify what makes me really love him. Because it’s not all about just these things, it something more which I can’t quite really capture in words.

For someone I have known for twenty-six years (since grade three), and someone I have romantically been with for nine years before marriage, and someone I have binded myself to in matrimony for eight years, all the good and bad moments together have made the definition of love transform through the years in a deeper meaning. It’s not all about the feeling and the companionship, but it all translates to commitment.

I love him because he brings out the best and the worst in me, making me learn and realize things about myself I wouldn’t have without his honesty. I love him because he has been my best friend ever since. I love him because despite what he is going through, he is still always considerate and thoughtful about how me and our kids are doing. I love him because he is such an excellent father (and would be an even better mother than me) to our kids. I love him because he is a great husband in so many ways. I love him because he always ensures that he gives us the time we need with him despite how busy his work is.

I love how he stands by his principles. I love his passion, his enthusiasm, his positivity and his love for life.  I love how he keeps his word. I love that he knows his priorities. I love how he is committed to be of service for HIM and our spiritual community. I love his thoughtfulness, his dedication and his funny-sweetness. I love his child-like mischievousness and naughtiness.

And after all things said and unsaid, I love him simply because I DO.

Now, I’d like to tag all of you reading this as I’d like to know why you love your husband (or your wife)…


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Celebrate Eight.

Hubby and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was a simple celebration, nothing fancy.

I cooked the special meal I wanted to prepare for him last Monday night since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go out to buy ingredients and cook yesterday. Plus I prefer to cook crabs immediately after buying it. I don’t like it being stored in the ref before cooking.

So I prepared his favorite “Ginataang Alimasag”.

And it was my first time too to cook this meal. Fortunately, it tasted good (enough).  🙂  And I was lucky that “fat” or “meaty” crabs (sorry, couldn’t think of the right adjective) were available in the market nearby.

Then yesterday we just went out to watch a movie… or two movies actually. First time we did that.

During the earlier years, we would normally watch a movie at least once a week. Since having kids, it became so infrequent.  So yesterday, we just wanted to relax while watching a movie.

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Loving Actions: Personal Differences

“Survey after survey shows that the number one reason for mate selection is the differences between individuals. But differences can become a devastating source of conflict in a marriage. Learning to recognize and value each other’s perspectives is one of the most positive things we can do.”
– From “It Takes Two to Tango” by Gary and Norma Smalley

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On Being Submissive and Assertive

1. inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or humbly obedient
2. marked by or indicating submission
Syn: 1. tractable, compliant, pliant, amenable. 2. passive, resigned, patient, docile, tame, subdued.
Ant: 1. rebellious, disobedient.

1. confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive; aggressive; dogmatic
2. having a distinctive or pronounced taste or aroma
Syn: 1. forceful, decisive, forward.

-from Unabridged

Where does a wife’s submissiveness ends and her assertiveness starts? How can she lovingly submit while (and without demandingly) asserting her needs and wants?

It takes a really good balancing act to achieve such equilibrium, and a difficult one at that. But it is of major importance that a wife should wisely learn to do such a deed to bring harmony to the home.

Yet I, for one, can’t seem to achieve such state of balance. I am more on the assertive side of the scale than on being submissive no matter how much effort I try to put on this lighter part of the scale.

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Loving Actions: Expectations

“By diminishing your expectations–by not expecting your husband to provide a level of fulfillment that only God can give–you free your husband of a burden you otherwise force him to bear, and you free yourself from unnecessary disappointment. This doesn’t mean ignoring your needs or wants, just getting rid of your time limit and preconceived ideas about when and how those expectations will be met.”
– From “It Takes Two to Tango” by Gary and Norma Smalley

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