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Saturday, the day Ondoy hit Metro Manila, was literally and figuratively a dark and dreary day for many of us. I am thankful and I know that our family is very fortunate not to have witnessed and experienced the fierceness of Ondoy. We were so blessed to have encountered only the rains and a little flood that was barely ankle-deep outside our house, even oblivious that less than two kilometers from our place some homes and our parish was already a little over waist-deep in water.

I knew with that continuous heavy rainfall, a lot of areas in Metro Manila would be flooded, but I never really imagined the immensity of the devastation it caused ’til I saw the news and the aftermath in the internet and even in facebook.

We are deeply saddened by the people lost and the great number of families displaced from their homes. We really pray for strength, faith and forebearance for all the victims of the typhoon, and for more immediate aid to come for whatever needs they may have.



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