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Now I Have It. Now I Don’t.

I feel a bit torn between being happy and sad. I was surprised to open a gift from hubby last Christmas, considering he already gave me his early Christmas present almost two weeks ago, and in my hand was this new iphone.

Surprised but not totally. I mean I knew he was going to have another one but not for himself since he already has one. Before this new one arrived, we’ve already agreed to sell it and use the money to buy a new camera.

I guess I was just surprised that he would have thought of wrapping it and giving it to me as a gift… and letting me choose if I wanted to use it or sell it (to buy a camera). All the while I was expecting that once he gets the new unit, he’ll immediately sell it himself.

I never thought that with the real thing in my hand, it would be too tempting to open the box and use it.  I don’t know if I should be happy that he gave me the option to keep it or sell it.

I decided not to open it yet, and let the thought of a new camera or an iphone linger in my mind. I had a few days to think, and though it was really so tempting to open the box and use the phone already, I guess I felt it would be more worth it to buy a new camera.

I figured I’m still content with my current phone, and I can always enjoy and get the features that I love about the iphone (internet, mail, music, video) from an ipod touch without spending as much. Though I know that still has to wait. Camera first.

And so… I had this, and now today, I don’t.



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