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Parenting 101

Our parish sponsored a four-part series of free parenting talks. We were able to attend the first two sessions, missed the third and hoping would be able to attend the last one on May 23.

The nice thing about the parish leading such an activity is the talks cover both spiritual and psychological aspects on parenting. The first part of each talk is delivered by a priest and gives a biblical basis as to how we should raise our children in relation to the theme of the talk, while the second part is delivered by a lay person who talks about the topic from a socio-psychological perspective.

One of the things we discussed and learned were general personality traits of a child based on their birth order. Of course, there are always exceptions to the general rule.

*I seemed to have missed taking notes on the qualities of an eldest child… where was I?

Only child – “strives to get his own way, be the center of attention”
+ Creative
+ Often acts very grown-up
+ Positive peer relationships as an adult
– May be pampered, spoiled, self-centered
– Relies on service from others, rather than being self-reliant
– Feels incompetent (adults are more capable)

Second child – “strives to catch up or overtake”
+ Sociable
+ Puts forth best effort
+ Develops abilities lacking in oldest child
– May rebel
– Can become “bad” child if oldest is “good”
– May be uncertain of abilities if oldest is successful

Middle child – “strives to make life fair”
+ Adaptable
+ Concerned with justice
+ Knows how to get along with all kinds of people
– Feels “squeezed” — may push others down to elevate self
– May be “problem child”
– Feels doesn’t have place

Youngest child – “strives to get service”
+ Knows how to influence others
+ Charming
+ Friendly
– May be manipulative
– Expects others to take care of his or her responsibilities
– Feels inferior or overtakes other siblings

How true is this based on your own birth order among your siblings or among your kids?



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