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PhotoHunt : Wrinkled


Here comes Aladdin on his “wrinkled” elephant… 😀

I took this photo more than three years ago when we watched Disney on Ice (Disney Princess on Ice series). We all enjoyed that show especially my eldest daughter who was almost two years old then.

PH#4. Photohuntin’ since August 2008.



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PhotoHunt : Colorful


A kid’s world… Colorful!

That’s how I’ll best describe it. From their playthings to the stuff that they imagine in their minds. That’s why I believe in Art, Play and Music as very effective means of teaching and developing their young minds.

And as I look into this photo, I am overtaken by a siege of nostalgia. Kids grow up so fast. I took this photo of my eldest daughter almost four years ago. She was only one year and nine months, comfortably lying in a pool of soft colorful balls, and enjoying it. How time flies!


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PhotoHunt : Dark


Do you like reading DARK stories?

Well, I used to especially when I was younger, back in my teens. Then when I was in college, I stopped reading those really dark ones that delve into demons and dark supernatural beings. I’ve had bad experiences.

Now that I’m trying to get back into my reading habit, I only read a select few of dark stories. Those which are not really that dark — more of surreal and strange, and which are written by good authors like Neil Gaiman. I took this photo of my sister’s collection (well, part of it) of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, of which I have yet to read. For now, I am trying to finish reading his short story collection, Smoke and Mirrors.


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PhotoHunt : Cloud(s)


Better late than never. This is my first Photohunt. I’ve been wanting to join this for some time, and now finally found the time.

This was taken while we were on the plane flying back to Manila from Boracay last May. We were soaring high above the clouds, as you can see.

When I look at this scene, it makes me feel how everything up here just seems so endless and serene. And I like how it shows the placid blend of light and darkness.

What do you feel looking at it?


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