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Another Forgotten Pastime?

I’ve been reading “Smoke and Mirrors” for months now…. or at least trying to. I’ve been reading it one story at a time when time permits me. However, lately, the “ber” months have been very hectic, and I couldn’t find the time to continue where I stopped. Hmmm, do I even remember where I stopped?

I really want to finish this book, and move on to another. My sisters have been bugging me since last year to read the Twilight series. Now, it has been turned into a movie and I still have not even touched the book. Sigh.

Reading books and novels has been one of my favorite pastimes. Although I still love to read, I can’t seem to find the time. I used to read late at night before sleeping. Now, I am often too tired and easily doze off when I lie down. During the day, I have difficulty finding time because of the many activities, tasks, and chores I need to attend to. This is one thing I want to bring back to my routine, but just don’t know how.

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