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Sharing Their Candies

I missed my daughters’ trick or treatin’ activity last Friday… I had to man our booth the whole day during the two-day bazaar that we joined, so hubby was the one who brought them. They were so cute in their Witch costumes (not the scary one, but the fairy cartoon series).

They got lots of candies and goodies again. Year after year, most of those goodies would just go to waste since we don’t like having them eat all of it or they might end up with toothaches. So this time, they were allowed to choose which ones they would like to keep and we decided to give the rest away to less unfortunate kids that would loiter around the church premises on Sundays.

I think it is a good way to teach our kids (especially our eldest who is five) about sharing and help them to be thankful for what they have.

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Trick or Treat! Give me something to eat…

What do you do on Halloween?

It seems that through the years trick or treat activities have become increasingly widespread in our part of the world. Even malls or department stores are selling more costumes nowadays, whereas before it was quite difficult to find nice ones. If ever you do, it’s usually quite expensive. Now, I see a lot of reasonably priced getups around… and cute ones too! My kids are able to change costumes every year (or every other year at least) because of the many options available.

So every year, they look forward to trick or treat… It’s not really because of the goodies. It’s about the dressing up and the fun of going around with their cousins, friends and other kids.

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