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Kiteboard Day Trip

Great day to kiteboard! Went for a day trip despite being a long weekend since the kids didn’t want to come. But almost 7hours of travel (total) just to kiteboard for 4hours was all worth it. We felt ecstatic to have learned to do carving transition today.

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Sailing High In the Sky.

Exhilarating. Liberating.

That is how I’d best describe the experience of parasailing.

We went to Subic last Saturday to try out this adrenalin-pumping adventure. I was pretty nervous and wondering if I would be able to push through with this considering I have fear of heights, but I did it.

Once up in the air, it was a mix of different emotions…  a feeling of freedom, nervousness, excitement, fear, fun, anxiety, thrill and strangely peace.

The wind was quite strong during that day so even at only half the 600-ft maximum cable height, you’d be dancing and swaying up in the air.

It was an awesome breathtaking ten-minute experience!

And even the (speed) boat ride out to the sea was fun and invigorating in itself.


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