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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s one of those mushy days again especially for lovebirds… but for those who are single and consider themselves “loveless”, don’t fret… think about your family and friends who love you dearly and whom you love in return. Valentine’s day is all about love and it doesn’t have to be just about romantic love.

Two days ago, I received a very sweet Valentine greeting from my eldest daughter.

Here is the card she made for me and hubby…

Despite knowing it was a school project, I was still really touched. She was very proud of her Valentine’s gift for us… 🙂  For me, it’s a very simple effort from a five-year-old but very meaningful.

It just goes to show we don’t need fancy and expensive gifts to make our loved ones happy this Valentine’s. 🙂


Did you know?

The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas.


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HB To Me!

Yesterday officially marked the thirty-fifth year of my life. That’s thirty-five years of blessings and challenges that have made me who and where I am now.

It was a typical day for me. Nothing fancy or special done yesterday. I didn’t have my usual birthday “pakain” or treat with friends and extended family. Together with hubby and kids, we just had a simple dinner at Alabang. It was a nice dinner. We had pizza and pasta. Then the kids went to play in the activity area.

It was good to hear from friends though, especially those I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time and some who are actually living abroad already. Their thoughtfulness made my day. 🙂

For this year, my birthday prayer is for good health and happiness for myself and family, for more blessings and opportunities this year, for strength and courage to pursue the goals in my list this year, and the grace to listen and accept His plans for me.


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An Early Birthday Greeting

I received an early birthday greeting  from Nestle Club this week.

Inside was this note which hit right on target as most of what was written were similar thoughts I had been keeping since 2009 started.

It goes :

“Dear ….,

What thoughts usually run through your mind as you celebrate another year? Are they whispers of gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life? Are they words of love for your family and friends? Are they feelings of satisfaction for all that you have worked hard for and accomplished through the years? Since it is your special day, take a look at where you are now and how far you have come. Appreciate the wonderful accomplishments the past year has brought and say thanks to the special people who continue to inspire you.

Find much contentment in the life you lead today by celebrating each experience which has brought you to this moment. Revisit the crucial turning points in your life and draw strength from every triumph and defeat that has turned you into a wiser, more compassionate and more courageous person.

And as you look ahead, never give up on your hopes, wishes and dreams. As you add another year, continue to live life remembering…
that how you live in the present determines how you will think of the past…
that no dream is too small or too impossible…
and that the only real limits you have are the ones you put on yourself…”

I like what was mentioned in the final paragraph. It’s exactly why I changed my blog design and put the “Dare to Dream. Dare to Imagine.” text on top of my blog header early this year.

So I will always be reminded.


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Celebrate Eight.

Hubby and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was a simple celebration, nothing fancy.

I cooked the special meal I wanted to prepare for him last Monday night since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go out to buy ingredients and cook yesterday. Plus I prefer to cook crabs immediately after buying it. I don’t like it being stored in the ref before cooking.

So I prepared his favorite “Ginataang Alimasag”.

And it was my first time too to cook this meal. Fortunately, it tasted good (enough).  🙂  And I was lucky that “fat” or “meaty” crabs (sorry, couldn’t think of the right adjective) were available in the market nearby.

Then yesterday we just went out to watch a movie… or two movies actually. First time we did that.

During the earlier years, we would normally watch a movie at least once a week. Since having kids, it became so infrequent.  So yesterday, we just wanted to relax while watching a movie.

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Christmas Wish Bazaar



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Trick or Treat! Give me something to eat…

What do you do on Halloween?

It seems that through the years trick or treat activities have become increasingly widespread in our part of the world. Even malls or department stores are selling more costumes nowadays, whereas before it was quite difficult to find nice ones. If ever you do, it’s usually quite expensive. Now, I see a lot of reasonably priced getups around… and cute ones too! My kids are able to change costumes every year (or every other year at least) because of the many options available.

So every year, they look forward to trick or treat… It’s not really because of the goodies. It’s about the dressing up and the fun of going around with their cousins, friends and other kids.

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The 1st Shopping Soiree at “Luxe: A Luxury Shopping Event”

Where have all the girls gone?

Girls will flock to the the finest event of the year : The 1st shopping soiree in the Philippines on October 30 & 31 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati… “Luxe: A Luxury Shopping Event”

Don’t miss as Manila’s creme de la creme products gather under one roof for two full days of free flowing drinks, goodie bags, & complimentary beauty services to complete the shopping soiree!

Indulge…enjoy…relax…and get pampered at the Rockwell Tent on October 30 & 31!

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